Punctured Car Tyre Repair

Punctured Car Tyre Repair: What You Need to Know

Punctured Car Tyre Repair

Do you need to get your punctured car tyre repaired? Over time, the tyres of your automobile undergo considerable wear and tear. The extent of the damage depends on the distance you drive your car for on a daily basis, along with the age of the tyre. In fact, the risk of car tyre puncture is greater when the tyres of your car are old. Hence, experts suggest that you replace your car tyres after a certain number of years. Of course, the condition of the tyres might influence your decision. However, your main guideline should be the manufacturer’s suggestion regarding the useful life of the tyres.

That said, the suggestions provided above are a long-term fix. What if you have to deal with a car tyre puncture on your way to work? Many people rely on their personal automobile to get to work every day. So a puncture can disrupt your schedule and cause considerable inconvenience. In that moment, you need to find the nearest car tyre puncture repair shop, so you can get your vehicle back on the road. However, before you proceed with the repairs, you need to consider a few factors. These include:

Location of the Puncture

The spot where the puncture occurs will determine whether or not the repair will be straightforward. Specifically, you have to limit tyre puncture repair to the tread area. In case there is a puncture on the tyre away from the tread, you will have to replace the tyre. Repairing the tyre will prove a temporary fix and you would be affecting the performance and life of your tyre. In fact, it is likely that any professional tyre puncture service would refuse to repair punctures that are not within the tread area.

Size of the Puncture

As a rule of thumb, you should only opt for tyre puncture repair if the size of the puncture is less than 0.25-inch in diameter. Size is an important factor when it comes to determining whether or not you should opt for puncture repair. In case the diameter of the puncture is greater than a quarter of an inch, you should avoid getting repairs and instead opt for replacement. Even professional repairs on a tyre with a substantial puncture can prove unsafe.

Condition of the Treads

The condition of the treads is the next factor that you need to consider when deciding upon car tyre repair. You should not opt for repair if the tread is less than 1/16th of an inch. In fact, if the size of the tread is smaller than this, the tyre is not safe for use on the road. The risk of a puncture will be higher when the treads wear out. You should consider getting a replacement for the tyres instead of choosing car tyre puncture repair.

Extent of the Damage

In some cases, professional car tyre repair shops deal with a large number of customers on a regular basis. Hence, they are unable to devote complete time and attention to a particular car. While there is nothing wrong with handling minor repairs quickly, there is a risk that they overlook major issues. In the case of a puncture, the professional should remove the tyre from the rim to check the damage before repairing it. In case the inner lining of the tyre suffered damage, it wouldn’t be evident from the outside. And, not repairing it would mean compromising your safety.

Extent of the Repair

Proper tyre puncture repair involves a patch and a plug. You should not accept your car back if the repairperson only adds a plug. Ask the professional to put a patch on the spot where the puncture occurred. This will minimize the risk of the puncture reoccurring. Of course, the extent of the repair will determine whether or not you get a permanent solution. Otherwise, you might find yourself heading back to the car tyre repair service with another puncture pretty soon.

Previous Repairs

A professional car tyre repair service will advise you that you don’t get repairs if a puncture occurs in a spot where you already had it repaired. In this situation, the most appropriate solution is replacing the tyre. Therefore, when you spot the place where the puncture is, you should check if you already got repairs there. In that case, you need to avoid opting for repairs again.

These are some of the factors you need to consider before you opt for punctured car tyre repair. Make sure you are aware of and remember these pointers. Otherwise you may unwittingly compromise the performance and safety of your vehicle by opting for repairs where they are not the best option. With the right knowledge and professional service, you can go about your day pretty much as planned despite a punctured car tyre. Just call Rapid Auto Recovery. Our 24-hour tyre repair service has you covered.

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