Towing Services

Apart from Battery issues, there are many other possibilities that may cause your car to be stalled. Our towing services will transport your car to our workshop otherwise to your designated workshop. We are committed to providing a reliable and fast towing service so that you are not left stranded.

Your satisfaction is our priority; we always go the extra mile. Our live support hotline runs 24 hours daily and our live agent will be there to serve you. Contact us at +6593873870 to request for a tow truck service anytime anywhere. Our prices are reasonable and value-guaranteed.

Less worries with our dedicated car towing service

When engaging our other services like car battery replacement, jumpstart, tyre repair, tyre replacement or other technical problems that require further checks on your car, a dedicated car towing service will be provided. This is a hassle-free one stop solution to ensure convenience for our customers.

When to request for a car towing service

Below are a few unforeseeable circumstances for instance:
1. When the car’s alternator is not charging even if the battery is being replaced, it will still not resolve the issue. Therefore your car needs to be towed to the workshop for further repair.
2. Your car’s rim is beyond repair and unfortunately our spare tyres with rim do not match your car. Different cars’ model has different sizes and some are uniquely made. Your car will need to be towed to a tyre workshop for a replacement.
3. When the issue lies with the engine or other parts that requires a complicated diagnosis which could only be done in the workshop.