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Look out for Car Battery Replacement Signs That Your Vehicle Gives

Car Battery Replacement Signs

Car Battery is one of the core elements of car components which acts like the heart to keep the vehicle up and running. Without the right power and torque to run the car, you vehicle will be like a toy car which is useful for showcase but not driving. Most of the car batteries in the modern times come with 3-5 years of warranty. However, it also depends on the usage and maintenance of the car on regular basis. There are many car owners who are more concerned about the exterior look of the car and least concerned about the engine, battery or electrical wiring of the car.

Although car batteries come with few years of life, they have to be replaced after certain time period. Keeping proper check periodically and maintenance can help you in enhance the life of the car battery. Some are well maintained then it can last up to 3 to 5 years while regular batteries can last up to 1 to 4 years. If you have warranty then you can simply replace the battery for new one. However, if you are out of warranty then you have to shell out the payment from your pocket. If you do not want to invest a lot in the battery then there are certain signs that are given by the car battery before it completely worn out.

In this post, we have discussed about some of the signs that your car gives, so that you can easily understand and take it to the professional car battery service station.

#1. Cranking Engine Sound

The car needs lot of power to start the engine and keep it moving. The entire power source of the car for all the mechanical and electrical functions come from the battery. When the car engine is started if there is some sort of slow cranking sound then there are chances the engine is not able to start because of low power source from the battery. This is one of the common warning signs from batteries which needs immediate recharge. It is a common misconception that car batteries can automatically recharge themselves while running. Yes, it does but if the car has not been used for long or if the electronics or electrical accessories used in the car consume more power then it is difficult for the car battery to store enough power. In such cases it is important that the car battery is immediately recharged through professional car service technicians.

#2. Electrical Systems Issues

The car battery pumps power to engine but also to the electrical panel for headlights, tape, LCD, mobile charging and much more. If the electrical panel or any of the system is not working then there can be two major issues. Either the electrical system has some sort of wiring issues or the system is not able to get required power from the battery. This will not only drain the power of battery but using low voltage can also damage the electronic system attached with it. The best course of action for such is to get the electric panel, electronic system and car battery checked.

#3. Battery Case Bulged

If you take care of exterior part of the car and ensure that there is no dent or scratch on the body then you should also ensure that the battery case is not buldged. If you observe even slight bulge on the battery body then it is a sign to replace it. This normally occurs when the battery has been supercharged or freezing in the cold atmosphere. In both the cases, the battery cannot be used for longer time as the acidic fluid inside the battery can flow out anytime.

#4. Foul Smell of Battery

If you observe that your car battery is emitting foul smell and greenish fluid is leaking from it then immediately contact professional battery service station. Do not touch the fluid with your naked hands and use safety gears explained in the guide. If you are not aware of how to remove the batteries then wait for the expert technicians. The acidic foul smelling emitted from the car battery could be because of the age old battery that has not been maintained.

#5. Battery Warning on Dashboard

The best and simplest way of understanding that your car battery needs an immediate service is through the car dashboard option. Recently almost all the cars in the market come with car battery warning sign which indicates that your battery either needs recharge or replacement. So if you observe any kind of blinking or colour change on the dashboard then immediately contact the service station.


These are some of the major signs which can help you in handling the car battery issues. Do not delay in contacting the car battery professionals as it can land up in high cost maintenance service. If you are asked for the car battery replacement then choose only branded ones. If you are not aware of the best car battery for your car then you can contact our team of professionals at +65 9387 3870 and they will provide you complete assistance.

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