The car battery is designed for use during a certain time, and you expect to have your car in driving condition all the time. But suddenly you slipped your mind and didn’t switch off hazard lights and realize it too late. That can leave you and your car stranded in the middle of nowhere, unable to start.
Stay calm and contact us at 9387 3870. We have a professional team to jump start your car anytime at your location. We also provide appropriate help, whether it is a jump start service or a battery replacement, depending on your need. However, it all depends on the condition and duration of your current battery too. In an instance, whether you wish to make a jump-start by your own, look at guide list for safe Jump Start.


  1.  Place both cars to make each other’s battery close.
  2.  Switch both vehicles off
  3.  Connect the black negative (-) cable to the car that is giving power, with the car that receives a ‘jump’.
  4.  Next, connect the red positive (+) cable to the car to give power with one receiving a jump start.
  5.  Start the car that is giving the power, and switch it off after 15 to 60 seconds.
  6.  Then try to start the car that is receiving the jump start.
  7.  Once the engines turned on, remove the negative (–) cable from the car receiving power first.
  8.  Remove the positive (+) cable from the vehicle that receives the power.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you call us for help. Give us a call at 93873870 and we’ll use the right equipment for your car battery jump start. Rapid Auto Recovery company will send a technician, and your vehicle will be fixed within 30 minutes or less, even your tank will be refilled if needed.

Rapid Auto Recovery offers car battery jump services that will benefit the residents of Singapore. We offer emergency car battery jump starter assistance 24/7, every day of the week including Public Holiday.

When our customers need it, we provide jump start car service and recharge battery roadside services, and fix a flat tyre. Accident removal is also one of our specialties.

Note: If the car battery is damaged and you can’t jump start engine, or AH vehicles start is so high for your cables, then contact us at 93873870. We will advise you and give qualified help.