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Flat Battery? Need Vehicle Battery Replacement in Singapore? Rapid Auto Recovery is most trusted name in Singapore when our clients request car battery services. On a busy day when your car battery doesn’t start and you need quick assistance, we are just a call away and our car battery specialists will come to you and fix your car battery problem. While we are on a call for Car Battery Replacement we carry branded batteries only. So get in touch with us now for an on-site 24X7 car battery repair, replacement and services throughout Singapore.

Quick Car Battery Recovery

We all know that time to change car battery usually comes unexpectedly. We offer accumulator repair to most popular type of vehicles like Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Saab, Lexus, etc.. Additionally, we also provide services for all types of Asian autos and such models as Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Chana, and Proton. If you have questions, please contact our vehicle battery replacement specialists at +65 9387 3870.

Onsite 24hrs car battery services

Depending on car batteries you choose, typically it lasts between the period of 18 to 36 months or more. It also depends on the vehicle’s health condition and usage terms. Size is one of the most important criteria. Do you still have any questions? Contact us at +65 9387 3870.

Change Car Battery in Singapore

Call 24/7 for our car battery replacement services island-wide. If you suddenly need emergency assistance, please call us at +65 9387 3870 without any doubts, and we will help you. One thing you should do is to call us.


Battery is a source of the energy to start the engine of your vehicle. Usually, car battery recovery is needed every 18 months.Here are some scenarios you may experience. For instance, the vehicle is unable to start, or it took a longer time to start than usual.

car battery replacement and recovery service


If you come across a situation that your vehicle’s remote doesn’t work, please unlock it with the key. In case of alarm system started to work, you supposedly need to check remote. However, if alarm keeps silent, turn on the ignition and turn on lights on the dashboard. If lights are absent, and the vehicle doesn’t make any sounds, Rapid Auto Recovery is what you need.

Clunking Sound Turn Into to Click, But Engine Doesn't Start

If your auto gives off a cranking sound and does not seem to start the engine while your dashboard lights start flashing, then it means you should use change car battery service.


In cases where your auto cranks normally but do not reduce to a clicking sound, you should check all systems. Switch on dashboard lights, headlights and hazard lights, use a horn. If all systems work normally as well, it means you have some problems with fuel pump.

Car Doesn’t Produce any Sound

There is a couple of reasons. At first, you should check your electrical components like headlights and horns. If electronic doesn’t work, you should begin to search for vehicle battery replacement services for sure. If they work, then supposedly it’s an issue with your starter motor. However, we can’t exclude variant with damaged accumulator. In any case, you can contact +65 9387 3870, and our specialists will give you assistance.

Change car battery service in Singapore – Reliable, Onsite, Prompt

You need quick assistance when your car battery is dead, doesn’t matter where and when. You probably need to change car battery on your way. Call us on +65 9387 3870 and our skilled and well-trained team will assist you with onsite car battery services throughout Singapore.