Enviro Energizer

Do you know you can help the environment by recycling used batteries? Batteries reconditioned works exactly like brand new ones and the lifespan are almost comparable. Enviro Energizer provides a cheaper alternative to your battery while being environmentally friendly. They provide second-hand quality batteries that are recycled and restored by our green partner. It uses the latest pulse-charging technology to restore batteries. Batteries are tested through strict test to ensure their conditions are optimal to proceed.

DRIVE, German Calcium Plus Technology

DRIVE car battery is our next selected battery partner who is now Asia’s new rising star. With the adoption of a unique German technology called Calcium Plus, it requires zero-maintenance, offers high durability and high heat resistance, and is able to maintain very high starting power overtime which ultimately leads to a superb performance. These car batteries have a low corrosion rate.


Amaron, Lasts Long Really Long

One of our trusted partners includes Amaron who has been producing car batteries in this market for more than 15 years. Through their patent technology called Sliven X Alloy, their batteries offer high reliability with promising performance. With a first mover advantage of a maintenance-free battery, our clients can now enjoy the luxury of a worry-free battery. Furthermore, all Amaron batteries are fully charged. Other features include High Heat Tolerance, Vibration resistance, High Cranking power and Highest Reserved Capacity.

Bosch, Power you can depend on

Bosch car batteries are well known for their EXTREME high reliability and high performance. Bosch are leaning more to the “premium” side as their performance has been recognized by dozens of expert. Their key technologies such as high density expanded grid calcium-calcium and calcium technology are able to produce a high performance power, long-lasting durability, and high resistance to heat which makes it safe for everyone and without the need for any maintenance.


Globatt, The Drive Within

Globatt car battery are all made with their unique Ca-Ca-Tin Expanded Metal Technology, designed with Expanded Metal Grid Technology and uses 100% virgin lead sourced from leading smelters of the world. Their robust design makes them perform under any extreme weather conditions. They offer zero maintenance and ensure high performance usage.

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